About me 🏄‍♂️

I'm a Dad, Husband, Surfer, Architect and HomeLabber living right now in Italy.I've been playing around computers since I was 8 years old and I never got bored, I really love discovering new NERD subjects and start focus on them.
About me 🏄‍♂️

Short bio

At the age of fourteen, I learned to use 2D CAD software due to the fact that was installed on my dad's workstation, simply as that, it was a blast. Sooner started getting into DIY assembled computers and got my first internet, it was in 1997.

Internet was too much of a thing, I got completely sucked up. It was the one with Netscape, mIRC, Hotbot, and Lycos. I got interested in how it worked and got to know a little about TCP/IP and networking. After a while I started playing around the web, it was anonymous, it was limitless and accidentally I stepped into Linux.


A rendering from a selected project for the Asplund Biblioteque Expansion. The project named "Nosce Te Ipsum" by Studio Ex-Mapis 2007

In my twenties, while I was studying Architecture, I became interested in 3D modeling and rendering, after a few years, I started getting some jobs from an Advertisement Agency asking for renders. Then I shifted from a more "rendering phase", into getting structured in modeling techniques, and I started teaching students at the University how to use and optimize their models by focusing on the modeling techniques. That briefly teaching experience was amazing. Then I moved on.

Around my master's thesis, I got interested in parametric modeling and programming. Then I tailor-made an opportunity to learn more about CityEngine, Nodebox, and Processing, it was 2009. I became Architect and I moved to Vienna.

A set of solutions made from a generative model for Marina di Corricella on the Island of Procida, 2009.

Started learning Java, but I hated it, my class was in German. I started making some web design jobs, then in a few months the request became more consistent I moved fast from Joomla to WordPress, It was the year 2010.
For research purposes I've started putting my hands on visual programming for Rhino3d, I welcomed Grasshopper and the Grasshopper community into my life. By the end of 2010, I was already in Lisbon.

I really Loved Grasshopper, but I need some projects to help me focus on programming. At the time, I needed a lot of data to perform research, and that data was online, a little bit later a friend of mine introduced me to Python. I was love at first sight and I started scripting randomly focusing on scraping all day long. I used the excuse of scraping to create my first application, and since then I never stopped. At the same time, I was using scraping to feed my Google AdWords campaign for gigs, then a few months later I started running campaigns on Facebook Ads too.

During my Ph.D. I've got to know a lot of wonderful people that thought me and helped me out in learning new tools and techniques, from GIS, from performing geospatial analysis on databases with Postgres and PostGIS to analyzing data using tools like RapidMiner and Pandas. The Ph.D. was an opportunity to merge what I knew since then with something completely new. It was amazing.

Recently I moved back to Italy, where I'm working as a freelancer/consultant for companies and agencies on the subject of advertisement online. I never stopped to develop applications and scripts, in the last years, my focus was on developing backend applications and plugins for WordPress. I'm hosting my client's sites on an AWS Cloud infrastructure.