Works 🥷

I'm a freelancer and consultant spacing between different areas of knowledge.
Works 🥷

a jack of all trades is a master of none, but oftentimes better than a master of one

📣 Online Advertisement

I'm an active online advertiser since 2010, the  platform where I'm most active right now are Google ADS and Meta ADS but had experiences in many others ( LinkedIn, Twitter, Spotify and Bing) . The ADS platform matching the client needs, its strategy, and the target to reach.
In the years, I've been grateful to had followed from successful e-commerce to real-estate agencies groups, food companies and hotels.

  • Experience in desiging and deploying Search/Shopping/Video/Display Google ADS campaign
  • Design and Deploy wide range of campaing over Meta ADS platform.
  • Integration of monitoring tools such Google Tag Manager and Facebook Pixel to monitor conversions and optimize the campaign
  • Custom Reporting and frequent update of the campaign settings by evaluating conversions, budgeting optimization and results

💻 Backend Development

Python & PHP are big part of my stack in backend development.
I use Python with Flask to create Application or APIs for clients and PHP for Wordpress customization and Plugins Development. Javascript isn't the sharpest tool in my shed but is on an undergoing intensive upgrade.

  • Custom designed Application developed in Python as backend language and Bootstrap framework as frontend
  • Pluging development for Wordpres
  • PHP development for custom project
  • Development for application interaction with Wax Blockchain (smart contract execution end design)

🔎 Data Scraping, Automation & Analysis

Getting data from the web could be tough and long. I've spend several hundreds of hours into scraping projects, from national listing sites to e-commerce to backing up small old sites.
After getting the data, client could request to performa a cleaning (to standardize the information) and a statistical analysis and validation of the scraped dataset.

  • Projects can vary form single site to web-wide scraping and one shot observation to continous monitoring.
  • The retrived data can be kept Raw or Refined by the type of project requested
  • Consultant could develop APIs allowing client to scrape and monitor sites or app
  • All requests and project are more than welcome but any data behind a login gateway will be not retrived (sorry)
  • Project of desktop automation could be performed both for scraping purposes and app testing

🔒 DevOps & Hosting

Most of the application and websites I've developed are hosted by several VPCs designed and deployed over known and reliable cloud providers. From a single landing page or site where an advertisement campaign is forwarding intense traffic, to a custom deployed Application or API. In the former, the consultant will adapt the host performance to fit the needs of the campaign online, avoiding to waste all Advertising efforts from the consultant and investments from the client. The latter,  allow the consultant to chose the best stack of resources available for the application he had just developed.

  • Design, test and publish VPCs capables of fitting the needs of the client in term of resources and budget
  • Design the resources and the architecture allowing an easy scale up or down of the infrastructure.
  • Consider high aviablility, uptime and reliable multi-zone backup as foundation principles of the design

📈 Data Visualizzation

Having a strong data visualization is the key to introduce  data to customer/clients and consultants. Due to the complexity and the amount of information we have constantly to deal with, data visualization helps understand better where you are and which steps are needed to reach specific objectives or directions. Data visualization is showcased via Google Data Studio in most of the cases or with custom dashboards.

  • Recurrent generated visualizzation as reports from advertisement campaign
  • Data visualizzation fed from external resource or APIs such: Facebook ADS data, Woocommerce store performances, Mailchimp Campaign and et.
  • Develop custom and private dashboard to engage analyis and feeback from the client